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A delirious Wittgenstein, a disgruntled Gracián. With the Tractatus Róbert Gál gives us an axiomatic philosophy perplexed by its own doubts and uncertainties.

—Eugene Thacker


Tractatus is a book like no other—often funny and touching and always intellectual, written in the form (and spirit) of Ludwig Wittgenstein. It blends philosophical aphorisms with poetic sensibility and creates a unique and beautiful narrative of self-observation of a person from the 21stC. An elegant kit of thoughts for readers looking for witty meditation in our turbulent times.

—Matthias Göritz


Róbert Gál, paradoxologist extraordinaire, has written a wildly intractable, mournful, erotic, proud and honest Tractatus, whose axioms comprise no system but the performance of a system, a danse macabre of numbered masks.
—Joshua Cohen


Filled with wisdom, wit, and boundless imagination, Tractatus is a masterpiece.
—John Zorn