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Róbert Gál was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, and, after a period of study and itinerancy in New York, Jerusalem and Berlin, currently resides in Prague. He is the author of several books of aphorisms and philosophical fragments, one of which, Signs & Symptoms, is also available in English translation. On Wing, the author’s first work of fiction, was published in 2015 by Dalkey Archive Press. A new translation of his book Agnomia will be released in December 2018.



 "The Czech Cioran..."

–Andrei Codrescu



"Gál's aphorisms combine incisive question-raising and gently troubling images involving Time, God... and existential self-awareness."

The Antioch Review



"In our millennium, a time of reduction and minimization, the aphorism has rightly returned. Its master is Róbert Gál."

The Forward