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RÓBERT GÁL was born in 1968 in Bratislava, Slovakia, and, after a period of study and itinerancy in Trnava, Brno, New York, Jerusalem, and Berlin, currently resides in Prague. He is the author of several books of aphorisms, fiction, and philosophical fragments available in English translation, including Naked Thoughts (Black Sun Lit, 2019), Agnomia (Dalkey Archive Press, 2018), On Wing (Dalkey Archive Press, 2015), and Signs & Symptoms (Twisted Spoon Press, 2003).





[E]choing Theodor Adorno's Negative Dialectics, Gál writes of a permanent gap between concept and thing. We never know the world as it is. More generally, [he] expresses an ontology of becoming, of a world of movement and change, where even "the expected comes unexpectedly".

—Jane Bennett
Whether he's inverting the closing line of Wittgenstein's Tractatusupending some cliché, or crafting stark truisms that exude a hard-won simplicity, Róbert Gál's amusing and pessimistic micro-philosophies are always a rare joy.
—Gary J Shipley
In our millennium, a time of reduction and minimization, the aphorism has rightly returned. Its master is Róbert Gál.
The Forward
Great stuff. . .
—John Zorn